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FLOURISH: To grow well or luxuriantly; thrive; to do or fare well, prosper; to make bold sweeping movements.

In scripture: bloom, grow, fly, spring forth, increase,

make cheerful.


Our vision is a world where every woman sees her value as a precious child of God, no matter what her past story has been. We see women who are flourishing as they live with hope, purpose and inner joy, regardless of where they live or what  their circumstances are. 


We support the restoration and renewal of at-risk women through coaching programs, workshops and educational resources. We work closely with ministry partners in the  United States, Africa and China who provide holistic care for women who are survivors of abuse, sex trafficking and addiction. 

We also work with women in Uganda,  in remote villages where poverty, AIDS and genocide have threatened their livelihood. We bring God's love and hope as they learn to support their families through crafts and farming, helping them find purpose in their daily lives. 


Every woman is a priceless jewel, created to flourish by a God who loves her unconditionally.  But every day, thousands feel shame instead of worthiness and depression instead of hope, often due to abuse, addiciton, poverty, or finding themselves trapped in the violent world

of sex trafficking. 

By helping each woman overcome her limiting beliefs, discover  her unique gifts and skills, and create a future rooted in her God-designed purpose, we provide the "what's next" step in her transition

to a new way of life.

God gave Susan the message of hope and renewal for these women through her book Created to Flourish, by God's Design. Her heart's desire is that every woman would find her identity in Christ, leaving behind her past to find joy and purpose in her future. 


For the past few years, I have served women as a Christian Life Purpose Coach, helping them discover God's calling for their lives. As I have lived out my life’s purpose “to inspire joy by awakening worth,” I have walked alongside women who want to live with greater meaning in every day, but who stand in their own way because of fear, perfectionism, shame, and unforgiveness. God has worked through me to provide clarity, direction and purpose as each one discovers who she is at her deepest level—the purpose that was woven into her very being when our Heavenly Father lovingly created her. Knowing her calling and embracing her innate value provides the confidence and joy to move forward toward a new way of living.

Today, God is leading me to expand my vision and minister to women who have been wounded through abuse, addiction, exploitation and poverty. Through the materials God has so generously given me to share, I am committed to helping these women find hope and significance in their lives, so they will experience joy in Christ every day. No matter what their past stories are, I deeply desire that they feel worthy, loved and significant as they pursue a flourishing life and claim this verse without reservation.

My book Created to Flourish by God's Design is providing the process and the encouragement for women around the globe to discover their God-given callings and embrace their identities in Christ. Please join the journey by donating to Flourishing Life International Ministries and receive a book to experience on your own. Your generosity supports at-risk women who desperately need restoration and hope for the future.


Some have questioned my use of the lotus flower as part of the branding for my business and my ministry to women. I have always loved its beauty and vibrant colors, and when I read about how it grows, I knew it was a perfect match for the flourishing woman. There is no better symbol of my heart and this work than this beautiful flower.

In an excerpt on her blog “God as a Gardener,” Carolyn Adams Roth shares the deep meaning of the lotus flower for Believers.

"Job was a non-Jewish man who worshipped God. He was upright in his conduct and dealings with others (Job 1: 1- 5). ……We read Job’s struggle to understand his losses while still maintaining his faith in God. Finally, God becomes involved in a conversation with Job (Job chapters 38 – 41). God identifies himself as the creator of all things and as such Job should be able to trust God’s wisdom, love, and power.

Most eastern cultures and religions identify some sort of symbolism with the lotus plant, e.g., the lotus represents creative power, purity, faithfulness, divine birth, and vitality. Vitality is the ability to live, grow, and develop. Often vitality is associated with the power to endure and survive. In the dry season in Jordan, water in ponds and streams are low and lotus seeds and roots remain dormant in the mud or cracked earth. With the coming of the rains, lotus seeds and roots grow from the mud. Leaf and flower buds emerge over the top of the water and unfold into the visible beauty of the lotus leaf and blossom. Like the lotus plant, Job’s dialogues demonstrate vitality – persistent life, endurance, and growth in extreme adversity."

The lotus flower is a symbol of the renewal of a woman’s spirit, rising from the mud, cracked earth and rainstorms of life. No matter what the drought, there is always hope of beauty and significance through Christ. Every woman is created with immense value and is a sweet fragrance to God. May your journey bring you new vitality, joy and purpose as you live out His divine plan for your life.

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